Thursday, February 13, 2014

Of Love and Fear

In the following post I have used red to symbolize all things positive and red is associated with love.  The color black is commonly associated with fear and hate, as it will be now, this is not simple text, but a statement of the loathing and distain I feel for Autism Speaks and all of their horrible rhetoric at the expense of me and all the members of my community.

Of Love and Fear
To be wrapped in a warm embrace, the kind that envelops you with strength of purpose pressing all of your worries and fear away.
To be made to cower when something horrible appears out of the mist like a wraith, paralyzed with fear, chilled with sweat shivering in a darkened corner.
To let the sun warm your face, eyes closed as you stand in the front yard and listen to the birds.  This warmth moves down to your core and hugs you from within.
To fall through the ice of a frozen lake, the chilling water freezing you down to the core, terror running through your mind as you try to get out, you cry out, but no one hears, the loneliness deepens fear.
Knowing that you are truly not alone, no matter how hard things seem and overwhelming, that you do not have to run and hide, that even via the written word sent across the net a virtual hug can be shared between two souls and the light of hope and love can warm you from within.  This is what Autistic Community means, to never be alone again when one needs another, with the click of a mouse you are there.
Love is what we need not fear, no matter how hard you push your hate and fear laced propaganda out against us, the harder we will push back with love.  Acceptance is LOVE.  Love beats fear every time, remember that.

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  1. Virtual hugs from me! May the sun shine down to your core.