Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final thoughts for 2013.

On this the last day of 2013 thoughts usually turn to tasks not accomplished and new memories made.  Instead of bringing those to mind I wish to instead bring to your thoughts and therefore minds to the fact that more Autistics, children and adults, were murdered at the hands of their caregivers and parents this year.  A number of Autistic bloggers and allies have listed them already, I have mentioned a few over the course of the year, I shan’t do that now, if you wish to learn the victims’ names and personally memorialize them in your own way, you need only do a web search and they will appear.  I hope that by bringing this topic to the foreground that you will make a pledge to work even harder in 2014 toward the goal of Autism Acceptance so that atrocities such as these and numerous others perpetrated on the Autistic Community do not continue in the next year, that 2013 is the last year that innocent Autistics will die at the hands of those who were meant to protect them. 

My hope is that those of you who are still searching for how to “fix” or “cure” your Autistic selves or your Autistic loved ones will turn away from finding “fixes” and “cures” for Autistic differences and instead embrace them as a natural part of the human fabric, in time we as a society and as a world will truly welcome Autistics.  We do not need to search from without for change, what is needed is a search within ourselves, this will lead to a place of Acceptance that we can share with those around us, no Autistic will then be set apart living out their lives in institutions, afraid to be their true Autistic selves for fear of reprisals, etc., etc.  To make a future world where the rocking or hand-flapping of an Autistic adult won’t seem out of place or odd, but rather common place, where Autistic adults will not be seen as crazy or as a nuisance but as a contributing part of society, whether we be verbal or nonverbal, but to instead be given a chance to express ourselves in any way that works for us and not be made to conform to any outward standard.  We are not burdens, we are not “broken” or “damaged”, for good or ill we are just what we are meant to be and our community is growing bigger every day and that is exciting!  To know that I am not alone, but instead part of a greater community is a terrific feeling!


We as a society need to work together in order for there to be Acceptance of Autistics of all ages, not just one group or one person can make this come about; instead we must work together toward this common goal.  This is an important and great goal. 

Make 2014 the year that you in your own part of the world, your country, your neighborhood, or even within your family or group of friends make the Acceptance of Autistics a top priority and a pledge to not support groups, people, etc. who do not support Autistics.  The phrase “If you have met one Autistic, you have met one Autistic” comes to mind, we are all unique and all have something to offer to the world from a brilliant discovery to a smile, we just need to be given the chance to do it.
Make 2014 the year for Acceptance!
Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2014 

from the Autism Acceptance Digest.


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