Thursday, March 13, 2014

Smile BIG

They say it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.  This simple idea can be related to the following concept. 
It takes more of your energy to hate and work toward “combatting” something that is a central part of what makes me, me, than is does to accept me as I am.  Helping people is easier than working to get rid of us.  What we Autistics really need is access to services and supports not more work done to try and eradicate us or make us just like you, under the guise of “research”.  We are part of the human fabric and always have been, therefore always will be.  Why fear and hate us when all you need to do is help and encourage us to be the best we can be, we should be given the supports to do so.  We have just as much right as anyone else to be the best we can be.  Too much focus has been on Autistic children, “the epidemic”, and “the upcoming onslaught of Autistic adults”…ummm what about we Autistics adults who are already here and struggling, we deserve to have better lives too.  I am an out Autistic adult, well beyond 22 years of age, past “the transition age” as the would-be allies keep trying to address, but what about those of us after 22?  Do Autistic adults just vanish after they turn 22 years of age because we are no longer in schools and therefore not in the statistics?  Of course we do not disappear, we are still here, we are just as human as you are, we live on and struggle more so than you ever will due to a lack of access to much needed supports, services, etc.  Supports and services for all Autistics are essential for us to be contributing members of society and to be fully integrated.  All Autistics verbal or nonverbal deserve a chance to thrive. 

Why spend more time frowning, in the case of the Combatting Autism Act fighting us and our Autism, instead use your energy and resources to embrace our differences and work with us on our terms to help us to reach our full potentials.  Revise the CAA to incorporate the voices and needs of Autistic people, the very people it should be helping, otherwise get rid of it.
Do something positive and smile, help us.  The bigger the smile the more happy people it will reach and isn't that what helping others does, for you and for me!  :)