Friday, October 31, 2014

Let’s all turn fear into Acceptance.

At this time of year there is much talk of fear and being scared.  People seem to go out of their way to enjoy being scared by monsters from witches to vampires to zombies, but the rest of the year we Autistics are the ones who are feared.  Watching scary movies and going to haunted houses are done for the fun of it, but the fear of us is not.  No one gets any enjoyment from that sort of fear, neither us nor you, especially us.  Autistics are not monsters; we too are people and deserve to be treated as such. 

Time and time again the media has helped to add to the fear of Autistics by siding with murderous parents, misrepresenting Autism, leaving out Autistic perspectives/voices, etc.  With every new study and article that does not embrace the gifts of Autism, but only dwells on its negatives, in full Technicolor, more fiendish falsehoods are added to the arsenal of hate. 

We are not monsters.

Fear breeds more fear, confusion, and misunderstanding.  Since the dawn of humankind man has feared what he truly does not understand. 

Don’t you think that it is time to set aside your fear and hatred, jettison your ignorance, and take the time to understand us on our terms?  Push back the dark veil of dread and let the full Spectrum enter the world.  We have much to share, verbal or nonverbal, and deserve to be given the chance to do so.  From understanding comes Acceptance and Acceptance will make a better world.  Let’s all turn fear into Acceptance.  We are not monsters, let us show you today.

Happy Halloween from the Autism Acceptance Digest!