Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ideas for How to Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month

Some ideas for how to celebrate Autistics during Autism Acceptance Month:

Host a story hour at your local library or school and read a book about an Autistic child to the assembled children and discuss it.

Host a book group and feature a book written by an Autistic adult and discuss it.

Screen a movie or tv show (documentary or fiction) in your home or at your local library that features an Autistic adult or child in a positive role.

Get creative. Autistics are part of a Spectrum, make a craft including all the colors of the rainbow and attach photos of your favorite Autistic person or people.

Listen to Autistics, they are the true voice of Autism; ask them what they need instead of telling them.

Include Autistic adults in “the conversation” about Autism, do not exclude them.

Help end the hurtful stereotypes that usually appear during April by instead posting positive things about Autistics in your schools, local libraries, on your Facebook page, on your Twitter feed, on your blog, etc.

Treat your Autistic child to a special outing.

Consider hiring an Autistic adult for your new job vacancy.

If you have an Autistic child in your class invite him/her to sit with you at lunch or to play with you on the playground, no one like to be excluded.

Make a poster that announces and celebrates Autism Acceptance Month and display it in your classroom, outside of your home, etc.

If you know an Autistic adult, invite them out for a coffee this month and treat them to their favorite dessert.

String multi-colored lights or multi-colored balls in your front window or on a bush/railing outside your house in celebration of the Autism Spectrum.

Encourage your friends and family to do something positive for Autism in their local communities during April – Autism Acceptance Month.

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